Project Research Visiting

Construction of Ecological Marine Ranching in Indonesia

TIME:Nov 28,2022


Institute of Oceanology, Chinese Academy of Sciences (IOCAS)

Research Center of Oceanography,

National Research and Innovation Agency (RCO-BRIN)



IOCAS and RCO-BRIN will cooperate in the fields of marine environment protection, ecosystem conservation, marine biodiversity, and ecological marine ranching for sustainable exploitation of marine biological resources. The project will establish platforms for collaborations on marine science and technology between China and Indonesia, for the education and training of students, scientists, and sea farmers.

2. Contents:

1)Establishment of the Sino-Indonesia Joint Laboratory for Marine Science

The joint laboratory will be established as an important platform to strengthen the R & D research and collaborations, including by not limited to ecological marine ranching, through visiting, training, joint cruises, and exchange of scientists, staffs and students. The joint laboratory will execute the collaboration activities between RCO-BRIN and IOCAS.

2)Marine biodiversity investigation and ecosystem surveys for marine ranching

Scientists will perform investigations on physical and chemical oceanographic parameters and marine biodiversity. It will offer backgrounds on marine environmental conditions for marine ranching, and interpret the biodiversity formation mechanism and evolution trend. Observation and assessment of marine ecosystems will be implemented by setting up observation platform and organizing surveys on marine ecosystems for marine ranching in Indonesia, it is expected aid Indonesian partners to establish a qualified research team. To understand the global change influences on marine ecosystem, establishment of a supporting information platform for Indonesian marine environment protection and marine ranching development is needed.

3)Establishment of Eucheumatoids seaweed industrialization base and marine ranching system in Indonesia

High-value utilization of tropical marine Eucheumatoids seaweed, and products from the tropical red seaweeds Eucheuma/Kapaphycus and carrageen-like fiber will be manufactured. Comparisons between the Indonesian seaweeds chemical constituents and Chinas seaweeds are important to profiling the potential application.

4)Construction of Indonesia tropic ecological marine ranching system.

Through the screening the tropical seaweeds strains, and integrations of polyculture techniques with tropical fish and lobster, it will be implemented the monoculture of Eucheuma/Kapaphycus and polyculture of Eucheuma/Kapaphycus and fish, moreover, the website for the tropical seaweeds cultivation techniques and data sharing will be attained.

5)Establish platforms for education and training of students, scientists, and farmers

Through the cooperation, the Indonesian students will be co-supervised under the joint programs for M. Sc. or Ph. D. in IOCAS and RCO-BRIN. Short term scientists will be trained, and sea farmers will be trained through technical course in each year.