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Welcome Aboard

TIME:Nov 22,2022

Welcome to RV KEXUE of IOCAS! Wish you gain a good harvest and happiness on our ship. Hope the service guide below can help with your life aboard.


Main specifications of RV KEXUE:Length of overall: 99.6m; moulded breadth: 17.8m; loaded draught: 5.847m; full load displacement: 4981ton; propulsion mode: podded revolving electric propulsion; service speed: 12knot; maximum speed: 15.8knot; range: 15000 nautical miles; complement: 80persons (crew& scientists)


Service facilities: All the facilities and stuffs are only used on board. Please register when you get on or leave the ship. Every room has lodging and toiletries, slippers, TV and its remote controller, shelf-type radio, telephone, desk lamp, flashlight and socket adapter, etc. Please take care of keys of room and wardrobe in order to avoid damage to furniture.


Life aboard: meals: breakfast: 07:15-08:00, lunch: 11:30-12:00, supper: 17:00-17:30. Please enter the cafeteria according to the timetable, and if you cannot eat on time due to work, contact the head chef in advance please. In the cafeteria we serve ourselves, and please do not waste food, as it is limited with the food supply when sailing in the sea. The beverage and food are not allowed to be bought out of café. Because of the limited seats, we need go to the café in turn, with the attendants onboard taking priority. Dining table should be tidied so as to serve others. Garbage must be put into the dustbin. Do not enter the kitchen and dishwashing room. For the respect to others, and keeping clean, it is forbidden that one enter the café wearing oiled shoes or without shoes, or shirts. Do not speak aloud in the café.


Accommodation: All the living rooms on board are allotted by chief officer. As it is crowed on board, we should respect our neighbor's living rights. For the safety of you and the vessel, any living room is not allowed to be locked when voyaging. And the room is for contemporary use, so please do not change any facility in the room or put up pictures you like.


Water use: It is everyone's responsibility to save water on the ship. Shortening shower time and putting more clothes in the washing machine shall be rules and regulations. Avoid washing few clothes with washing machine. When water supply becomes harsh, the captain may give stricter order to save water and provide water by quota.


Sleep: Due to work, there is always someone sleeping at any time and everywhere on the ship. Therefore, please do not speak aloud, play music in high volume, or making unnecessary noises. Please don’t bang the door.


Smoking: For the safety, smoking is forbidden out of smoking room on board to prevent from the fire.


Alcohol: You can take a certain amount of drinks and alcohol, while it is not allowed to store in your own room. You can put them in the café or leave them to clerk. Cafeteria is the only place that you can drink and eat. Please do not eat and drink in living room. Violence after drinking is absolutely forbidden. Do not drink when work or on duty. When prohibition of alcohol is carried out, nobody is allowed to take with the alcohol.


Fitness: For your health and others' rest when you exercise, there locates a fitness center in the front of lower deck. Hope you enjoy it.


Medical care: The medical officials (doctor or chief officer) have medicine for emergence and regular use with limited amount. However, it is necessary that medicine should not be wasted as the ship may be far away from hospitals and professional doctors. The accidents caused by carelessness or ignorance of safety regulations should be avoided to protect you and others around you.


Bathroom: The switch is located above the flush toilet. Most of the bathrooms have their doors for shower. Please fix them on when and after shower for fear of damage owing to the ship shaking. The sewage disposal system on board can only break down organisms and decomposable garbage, so please don’t pour sundries including tea into toilet, wash basin and sewer to avoid damage to the sewage disposal system and equipment.


Use of curtain: Rail-type curtains are set for some rooms and public areas, which also match with a handle below the curtains. Please use them according to the instructions. Once the support bar of the curtain slips out of the rail, please do not draw it hard but carefully install it sideway into the lock of the rail.


Safety, environment and public health: Please do not open the square-shape windows in the cabin as far as possible. When it is open, be sure not to open it wide or over the head to prevent the hurt to you. Please do wear your working shoes and safety hamlet when you are working. The hard shoulder or warning line should be placed on dangerous working sites to prevent others from entering in.


When you first come on board, please protect yourself. Pay attention to the slippery deck when walking. Grasp hold of the banister when walking in the corridor or come up and down the stairs in bad weather. Meanwhile, come as less as possible to the open deck for your safety away from waves. Mind your head when go through narrow corridors and steel doors due to the limited space and height on the ship.


It is forbidden to throw any junk, rubbish, or cigarette ends to the sea. It is our duty to classify the garbage. Garbage on the ship is divided into three categories. On the afterdeck put dustbins with three different colors, among which the red one is for oiled trash, green for food trash, and blue for recyclable trash. There also place two dustbins in the café for food and plastics. Please take the rules seriously.


It is everyone’s obligation and responsibility to protect public facilities and keep clean in public area. Therefore, all the living rooms and working cabins should not be applied with stickers and adhesive tapes. Dressing room is located between living area and working area on board. Please change your clothes in time when entering into the living area to keep it clean and tidy.


Emergency measurements: There may burst fire, lifesaving, abandonment of ship, oil spills or other emergencies, so for you and others around you, a card for emergency arrangement and a card for dealing with oil spill are put above your bed, in which your task is deployed. And you ought to be familiar with related signals. In case of emergency, please calm down and take action according to the card.


Therefore, when you first come on board, please check your emergency card, life jacket and other facilities. The ship will conduct regular exercises for extreme situation that everyone is required to participate in. Do not move fire controller and rescue equipment. Please read the training brochure carefully that is prepared in the café and laboratory.